Arsenal filed ‘Let me postpone the Spur’ this week.

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Arsenal have submitted a letter to the Premier League. To request the postponement of the North London derby against Tottenham Hotspur this Sunday. already left Due to the team’s lack of players due to coronavirus, injuries, bans and participation in the AFCON tournament.

the Gunners are facing a serious shortage of players. until having to ask to postpone the game against Spurs Go out with emergency rules that come out to heal clubs affected by Covid-19.

The team is currently lacking 12 players. And more could be added after Friday’s COVID-19 testing. Which will be in line with the rules. That can postpone the game. If the team is found to be missing players. On the field and goalkeeper Total of 13 players.

for Leicester City v Everton. By the middle of the week it was cancelled. When many Siamese Foxes play in the Airifka Cup of Nations, this may be considered in the case of Arsenal.

Since the Gunners currently have a number of players to play in Cameroon, including Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny and Ni. Arsenal manager Kolas Pepe

Mikel Arteta said on friday to the problem of the lack of players that arise The owner insisted that Want to play against Spurs But the reality has to take into account the situation

. But what happened today It’s very unlikely, tomorrow it could happen,” Arteta said.

“It’s something else when we are ready to compete. We were canceled twice because other teams had problems. So it’s possible both ways. But our intention is Always ready to play.”