Arsenal legend admits to shock Xhaka scolding teammates after Newcastle defeat

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Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright says he is surprised Granit Xhaka criticized his team-mates. After their last Premier League defeat to Newcastle on Tuesday night, according to reports. UFABET

The Gunners needed three points in the game to fall asleep in fourth place from Tottenham, but they were beaten 2-0 at home by a goal. Ben White’s own and one from Bruno Guimares.

After the game, Xhaka said in an irritated interview that if any Arsenal players are not ready to deal with the pressure, they should stay home and watch the game on television instead. This made Ian Wright furrow his brows.

After the match, Swiss midfielder Xhaka gave a damning assessment of his side’s performance, hinting that some of his teammates were not up to the occasion at St James’ Park.

The former Gunners captain said. “If someone isn’t ready for this game, stay at home. It doesn’t matter your age. If you’re nervous, stay on the bench or stay at home.

“You need people to come here and play. It’s one of the most important games for us.

“Saying that doesn’t help anyone. It’s a saying that should go into the dressing room to encourage players to understand what they have to do on the pitch. Coming out and speaking later like this made my teammates feel disappointed. Especially since you didn’t mention anyone’s name.”

“It’s like speaking to cheer up before the game. So it’s easy to say after the game because in the losing game against Tottenham, you’ve said that once,” Rity said.