Betting odds of online gamecock betting

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The betting rate of the gamecock there will be price flow It’s like betting on football. There are two methods of division, namely addition and subtraction. Play on UFABET .

  • The positive payout rate means that if you win, you will pay full price. But if you lose, you will lose in full.
  • The negative payout ratio means that if you win, you pay in full, but if you lose, you lose at the price.
  • If the result is a tie, then if the bet is always There will be a payout rate of 1 to 8. ฺฺ But if not always stabbed and can stab the red and blue sides on either side All stakes will be refunded.

Rules for beating cock fighting cocks

Rules for beating cocks

» 1. There must be a gamecock to compete. Come to weigh and register to complete the breed history.

» 2. Chickens must be compared using. Their weight and height as criteria.

» 3. Gamecocks that will compete must wear spurs. with the standard glove of the cockfighting field

» 4. Mouth-to-mouth, chicken wing augmentation This can be done before the start of the competition.

» 5. Use the competition time as the number of rounds. In the competition.

» 6. Feeding the chickens must be watered in their own corner trays. Within the cockfighting area by using only the equipment provided by the field

» 7.No permission Both sides made headscrews, eye spreads, and sutures during the break.

» 8.Do not use balsam oil and any chemicals including dope.

» 9. Materials and equipment used in the competition, such as cooked rice, chicken feathers, water, only use items from the playing field.

Rates, patterns of paying the price of gamecocks

There are mainly 3 types as well as

  • In the cockfighting rate there is a pattern of flowing up and down about the price of the chicken. And there will be about 2 main types, which are positive and negative. To pay the rate of gamecocks in the form of positive. If in the event that the gamecock wins. But if There is a loss.
  • Negative rate payout. But in the event of a loss then the price is lost.
  • But in the event of a tie result, if we stab in the lens of the tie category, the payout rate will be based on 1 to 8, that is, if stabbed Always, but if bet on the red or blue side, there will be a refund of the amount