Kevin De Bruyne compares this injury to a car going into a garage for major repairs.

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Manchester City football midfielder Kevin De Bruyne admits. He has never experienced an injury this severe before. Compare it to a car that goes into a garage for major repairs.

Kevin De Bruyne has been injured since the opening match of this season’s Premier League. And stayed for a long time until now And going back to the UEFA Champions League final last season. He was injured and had to leave the field UFABET

The Belgian national team player opened up about his injury. “Last season I rested for two months because of a hamstring injury. But a week before the Champions League final I felt really good. But then my body decided enough was enough.

“I have never experienced anything like this before. I’ve never been injured this seriously. Hamstring surgery is not like the norm in the past. We had an examination after the Burnley game (the opening match). I went to see several surgeons. And everyone agreed that surgery was necessary.”

“It’s now been three months and I’m recovering really well. Everything is still on schedule. But they did not specify when I would be able to play football again. They want everything to be OK when I come back on the field.”

“This is an injury caused by continued playing and the risks I took. I have played almost 700 matches in my career. Having said that, if you could compare it to a car that has to go to a garage for major maintenance.”