Manchester United No. 1 FIFA reveals that in 2021, the best teams

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Premier clubs have spent more than £1 billion on international transfers in 2021, with Manchester United in the No. 1 spot

, all figures from FIFA’s annual report. The most expensive deal last year was Chelsea’s acquisition of Romelu Lukaku for 97.5 million pounds

, Jadon Sancho and a move to Manchester United for a fee of 73 million pounds helped them. He held the No. 1 top-spending team last year. Of the

20 European clubs with the most inter-league transfers in 2021, 10 English teams are in the list.

Leicester City are just eighth on the list as their £100m deal for Jack Grealish from Aston Villa was a transfer that took place domestically, not internationally.

In total, the British team spent £1.11 billion ($1,386.2 billion) on international reinforcements.

Following England was Italy after spending £486 million ($667.7 million), while the United States was the only non-European nation in the top 10 after spending £116.39 million ($159.9 million)

. Made 399.48 million pounds ($548.8 million) on the sale of players to foreign clubs. which is considered the most as well

Overall, £3.54 billion ($4.86 billion) was spent on the market last year, but it is still 13.6 percent down from 2020 and 33.8 percent less than 2019

. Player transfers have increased from 17,190 deals in 2020 to 18,068 deals in 2021.

And this is also the first year the club spends more money on French players than any other nation. With Brazil in second place and Spain in third place

20 European clubs spending the most on international players in 2021

1. Manchester United

2. Chelsea

3. RB Leipzig

4. Roma

5. Arsenal

6. Tottenham Hotspur

7. PSG

8. Manchester City

9. Bayer Leverkusen

10 AC Milan

11. Olympique Marseille

12. Juventus

13. Atletico Madrid

14. Norwich City

15. Brighton

16. Villarreal

17. Monaco

18. Aston Villa

19. Leicester City

20. Liverpool

The 10 most expensive international transfers

1. Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan – Chelsea)

2. Jadon Sancho (Borussia Dortmund – Man) Chester United)

3. Acraf Hakimi (Inter Milan – PSG)

4. Rafael Varane (Real Madrid – Manchester United)

5. Tammy Abra Hum (Chelsea – Roma)

6. Ibrahima Konate (RB Leipzig – Liverpool)

7. Martin Odegaard (Real Madrid – Arsenal)

8 . Ahmad Diallo (Atalanta – Manchester United)

9. Eduardo Camawinga (Rans – Real Madrid)

10. Brian Hill (Sevi Ya – Tottenham Hotspur)