What is Lao lottery?

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What is Lao lottery? We may have seen People who earn a lot of money from the Lao lottery Some people play for extra income. But some people earn their main income from playing UFABET . This article will be about the meaning and methods of playing all the Lao lottery. ทางเข้า UFABET

Lao lottery is  the name that Lao people use to call each other is ” Phatthana Lottery“. Which this lottery is operated by Lottery development. Of the Ministry of Finance of the Lao PDR. As well as the lottery of Thailand. that takes care of the government lottery The difference. Is that our home lottery has a total of 6 digits, while the Lao lottery has 4 digits. In addition, the Lao lottery is also very cheap. Which is sold at a price of 1,000 kip each. Or about 4 baht in Thai currency.

How to play Laos lottery and the format of the award

Although the Laos lottery has a prize using a 4 digit number. From only 1 prize spin, but there are 2 more prize numbers divided. There are 3 prizes in total.

  • Prize number 4
  • 3 number prizes 
  • and 2 numbers

The prize for 3 numbers and 2 numbers will come from the last number as in Thai lottery.

For the prize money, the payment method will be equal to the purchase amount. which can be divided as follows

  • 4 numbers prize, winner will receive 6,000 times the prize money, assuming buy 1,000 kip, will receive up to 6,000,000 kip.
  • Prize for 3 numbers will receive 500 times the prize money, if we buy 1,000 kip, it will receive 500,000 kip when winning.
  • The prize for 2 numbers will receive 60 times the prize money. Buy 1,000 kip and get 60,000 kip.