Bellingham reveals the names of his idols.

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Copa Award winner Jude Bellingham reveals the childhood idol he looked up to as a role model for his career. Jude Bellingham the 20-year-old Real Madrid midfielder has revealed that. His early idols were Zeb Larsson, Craig Gardner and Lee Bowyer, before revealing that. He wants to be like Zinedine Zidane, the legendary French midfielder from the reveal with ‘Lequip’ sports last Thursday. 

‘I admire the Birmingham players the team that won the League Cup at Wembley (beating Arsenal 2-1 in 2011). My heroes are Seb Larsson, Kremlin Gardner and Lee Bowyer’ UFABET

‘When I understand it more Father is the most important person. Then my first role models were Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard, just because they played in England. And when you grow up You start watching football. My father had a fake sedan shirt that he bought at the beach. He wears it everywhere. Often at home One day I asked him. ‘Oh, who’s that guy?’

He said.

‘Go on YouTube and watch him.’ From then on I couldn’t stop.’

‘Zidane is the player I want to be. I was lucky enough to meet him in the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool (1-0, 2022). I was like a wide-eyed child. It is very gratifying for people who have achieved so much. He represents greatness. And from the words of the people who played with him here He is a great coach. That is equally important.’

Bellingham wears Real Madrid’s number 5 shirt. Which was the number Zidane used while playing with the Whites. After the 20-year-old midfielder asked for the number from Jesus Vallejo. 

‘Of course it’s praise. But at the same time I want to follow my own path. And it’s almost like seizing it sets the tone for the world. Make this number what I want it to be: Madrid’s modern No. 5.’

Meanwhile, at Birmingham City, no one has yet been able to follow in his footsteps and don the now-retired number 22 shirt.

‘They told me ‘No one’s going to wear it until you go back to Birmingham’. I was like (looks shocked), really? I had a good year but nothing special. And I looked around me. But wait a minute. Are we allowed to do that? But I understand the position and decision. My transfer helped save the club. which is in a difficult (financial) situation’