Manchester United look at Zidane as one of their options to replace Tenhag.

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Manchester United eye former Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane as one of the options to replace the depleted Erik ten Hag. According to a report by the Times, a major media outlet.

Eric Ten Hag is facing heavy pressure after Manchester United’s performance continue to deteriorate having just lost at home to Newcastle 0-3. Being knock out of the Carabao Cup. While the previous match was Win by Manchester City by the same score in the Premier League Derby match ทางเข้า UFABET

The eighth defeat from a total of 15 matches this season. Has put Ten Hag’s future under serious scrutiny over how long he will be in charge of the Red Devils. England The Dutch manager’s price has raised from fourth to second favorite as the first Premier League manager to be fired this season.

As for the Times.

A famous media outlet reports that. Manchester United are now beginning to consider the choice of a new manager as Ten Hag is in a precarious situation. And may be remove from his position soon.  

Zinedine Zidane is list as one of the Red Devils’ options. Because he is currently unemploy after not responding to any team since parting ways with Real Madrid in 2021. During his time in charge of the Royal Army. He was able to lead the team to win the United Championship. FA Champions League 3 times in a row and win the La Liga championship two more times.

In addition to Zidane, Sporting Lisbon manager Ruben Amorim is another person the Times says is in demand from the Old Trafford star.

The media state that the change in the position of manager of the Red Devils at this hour is quite complicate. Because of the uncertainty regarding the team’s ownership. The takeover process has not yet completed. Even though the Glazer family has announce they are ready to open the way for new owners for more than a year.