7 things you should not do after eating

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Change behavior after eating full for good health , far away from disease with the following 7 methods.

1. Don’t smoke According to the experimental results of experts, it was found that smoking after meals comparable to smoking 10 regular cigarettes (causing more cancer chances) which smoke normally has a chance to be already) สมัคร ufabet

2. Do not eat fruit immediately after meals. Because it swells in your stomach, it’s better to eat fruit 1 or 2 hours before or after meals.

3. Don’t drink tea. Because the tea leaves are highly acidic. Hardens the protein in the food we eat, making it difficult to digest.

4. Don’t extend your belt after eating full. Because it causes the bowel is not normal.

5. Don’t shower after eating. because of the bath will make the blood flow to the hands and feet all over the body As a result, the amount of blood circulating around the abdomen increases. This results in the digestive system not working fully.

6. Do not walk after meals. Even though you’ve heard that Eat and walk 100 steps to live 99 years!?! Immediate walking impairs digestion to absorb nutrients. You should wait at least an hour before walking if you want.

7. Don’t go to sleep right away. The food you eat cannot be fully digested. May cause wind or gas in the gastrointestinal tract.